Building A Brand Experience

Flexible in design approach and driven by bold concepts, our area of expertise spans from conceptualisation, identity construction, projections into physical and digital spaces, to retaining your brand presence in new media. By adopting a holistic perspective, we create sustainable brands with consistency to overcome challenges of the modern era.

The Process

➀ Conceptualisation

  • Business Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Market Research

The cornerstone of every brand rests on a solid business concept. From the tactical design of a brand, to operations, product strategies and market research, we possess capabilities to guide your brand through contemporary challenges.

➁ Identity Construction

  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Narratives

Identity Construction
In progressive times, brand identity extends beyond the confines of logos and branded collaterals. At Foci, a strong brand identity as well as its strategy is a combination of engaging narratives and thorough art direction.

➂ Identity Projections

  • Applications
  • Interior Spaces
  • Digital Spaces

Identity Projections
With a solid brand identity, the projections of your brand are crucial to appeal to the right audience. From packaging, marketing collaterals, to interior and digital spaces, we firmly believe these elements come together to form an impressionable brand experience.

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