Table Matters & Farm

Year : 2020
Discipline : Branding
Project Type : Food & Beverage
Scope : Business Conceptualisation, Identity Projection


Originally known as “Table Matters”, the business was focused on selling organic products. Without a diversified business strategy and a solid brand identity, the business was facing a decline in sales.


We introduced an all-new business concept and product strategy, we worked closely with Where’s Gut Studio and Studio Eleven to curate a solid brand identity and retail presence for Table Matters and Farm.

Business Conceptualisation

Located in an upcoming township in Kota Kemuning, Table Matters & Farm is set in a younger neighbourhood occupied mainly by working professionals, housewives and plenty of international schools in the vicinity. With that, we sought out to introduce an integrated experience of cafe restaurant and retail store, bringing the community closer to a healthy lifestyle.

Product Strategy

The product strategy we proposed  focuses mainly on selling various fresh produce on the retail shelves. To name a few that are a common sight, pesticide-free vegetables, locally sourced ready-to-eat condiments, and exotic honey.

As for the cafe, a range of decadent brunch food was curated to satisfy health-conscious housewives and family crowds who appreciate a better lifestyle. In addition, homemade fruit enzymes were introduced to tingle taste buds of all ages.


Working closely with Studio Eleven, the interior is designed with an emphasis to strike a balance between contemporary sophistication and pared back elegance. With future plans to sell wine-pairing dinner and more refined restaurant offerings, the material palette of the space is rich in detail - articulated through a custom-fitted leather banker seat, marble countertops and a slatted bar counter cladded with brass sheet.

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