Over & Above

Year : 2022
Discipline : Branding
Project Type : Food & Beverage
Scope : Identity Construction, Identity Projection
Over & Above is our latest brand identity work for a cafe-bar hybrid entity, located in the storied Weld Quay of Georgetown, Penang. Inspired by the duality nature of the brand, the concept is a playful and bold take on fragmented elements to showcase the potential and spectrum of the brand.

To further capture the imagination, a customised fragmented logotype with slitting treatment to the centerline of the letters created a visual language for the identity and also triggered a dynamic look to the design. Adding a jolt of energy to the brand, a vibrant orange was chosen to add depth in the overall design.

Keeping the brand lively and vivacious in spirit, a set of motion graphics carrying the brand’s language were crafted to become the focal point of the cafe space, drawing constant attention and helping the brand to achieve optimum exposure.

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