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“One Thing”

In our line of work, we often work like marching ants from day to night. With our never-ending hustle, we always have that one thing we can’t survive without in our long days. For some of us, the one thing keeps us productive and creative, or it comforts us in our time of need. Here are some of the things we can’t live without.

"One Thing" — 09.09.2021
By Team Foci Collective

➀ Coffee

There is no doubt that caffeine keeps us running throughout the day, but coffee is more than just a brain juice in the morning for Loo Yi. A good cup of joe at his usual neighbourhood cafe has become a ritual over the years. It is also a custom for him to catch up with the familiar faces in his usual spot.

“It sounds like an addiction, but when the dizziness hits, it’s coffee o'clock. Also, going back to a familiar setting of the usual neighbourhood cafe, feels like I'm going back to my grandpa’s house.”

➁ Amber Water Bottles

Whenever and wherever Loo Ping is, his amber water bottle follows. His unconventional water container often prompts the question, “Why don’t you have a proper bottle?”. If you know Loo Ping long enough, you’ll realise he often goes against the grain, adopting unorthodox yet aesthetically-pleasing lifestyle items. Upcycled from a coconut bottle, the amber bottle is a reminder for him to think outside the box, to utilize available resources to create.
“It reminds me of my motto on being creative. Being creative to me is to use whatever resources that you have at your disposal to create something meaningful.”

➂ Earphones

There is no better way to shut yourself from the world than a pair of earphones blasting music. A pair of earphones are an essential in Jwohan’s life. He listens to his playlist whilst doing day-to-day activities, making him and his earphones inseparable. With earphones and music, he is able to cancel out the noises of the outside world, giving him space to find his inner peace and spark his creativity.
“Music & Art are the most authentic things in this world. They are also a place for me to discover about art & design, enlighten my creativity and curiosity to this world.”

➃ Strawberry Desserts

Sometimes we need something sweet as a pick-me-up. When “stressed” is spelled backwards, it makes “desserts” and Qiao Hui couldn’t agree more. When she finds her mind running in circles, she loves to indulge in desserts, specifically strawberry desserts. For a while, she forgets about her problems and relaxes as she sinks her teeth into a strawberry shortcake.
“When I sit down for teatime, I can think more because I feel excited to eat my dessert. I believe something sweet can help with my productivity.”

➄ Sweaters

Cozy sweaters and cold offices, a hard-to-beat pair for a comfortable workspace. For He Yu, an oversized sweater or hoodie is an essential when it comes to being productive. She prioritizes comfort more than anything else when she’s at work. Without the unnecessary distractions and discomfort, she puts her undivided attention to keep her work flow smooth.
“I like wearing my sweater in the cold office because it reminds me of working at home, a place where I find myself to be the most productive.”

➅ Basketball

Apart from crunching numbers, our resident accountant, Johnson,  loves nothing more than basketball and the NBA. As a lifelong Kobe and Lakers fan, his admiration for basketball stems from the strict discipline of the players to be on the highest level of the game. In addition, being a FIBA certified basketball referee, he believes teamwork and a can-do attitude is crucial for a team to grow and bond.
“Having a ‘never say die’ attitude is very important to the growth of a team.”