Forest Cloud Beverage Company

Year : 2020
Discipline : Rebranding
Project Type : Commercial
Scope : Business Conceptualisation, Identity Construction, Identity Projection, New Media Management


Forest Cloud was a supplying company that specialised in entry-level roasted coffee and raw materials to cafes in the Business-to-Business (B2B) market. With fierce competition in the rapid rise of cafe culture, the brand found itself in a constant price war aggravated by an inconsistent brand image and a limited product range. With that, they were generating low profit margins.


To tackle this complex task, we executed a deep analysis on their existing brand identity, product strategy, and competition landscape to determine which platform the brand fits best in the current market. In addition, we constructed a brand presence that encompasses retail and digital experiences. Since our inception, Forest Cloud has gained a 30% of sales revenue increment over the past quarter.

Business Conceptualisation 

As the problem became apparent, we devised a synergistic strategy that nailed down their business direction. Consequently, Forest Cloud was transformed from a “Coffee Company” to a “Beverage Company” that runs on both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C), as an effort to create demand among end consumers that ripples to cafes and hospitality groups.

Product Strategy

The transition to a well-rounded beverage company led to the conception of a new product range. With that, Forest Cloud’s product range was spruced up with high quality specialty coffee, single origin cocoa powder, Matcha and Hojicha sourced directly from Japan. By sourcing ingredients independently, the brand has better control over quality as it strengthens their vision of staying true to origin.

Creative Direction

Working together with Forest Cloud’s in-house design team, we developed a new brand identity that features a logo mark of “Forest & Cloud”. As we inject vibrant colours to the brand,  the intention is to convey an energetic tone. As a result, the distinctiveness of the colour palette helped to differentiate among a saturated market.

A flexible set of motifs depicting layers of cloudy and mountainous scenery is used as primary graphic elements in various mediums of application, ensuring a cohesive expression when navigating different touch points of the brand.


Equipped with a design brief, we commissioned Empt Studio to design Forest Cloud’s new Experience Store & Cafe. The brief highlights the importance of reflecting the brand’s modern and edgy nature. As we focus on customer experience and exploration, the outcome is a free-flowing space that invites curious crowds to wander through different segments of the experience store.

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