Foci Collective

Year : 2020
Discipline : Brand Refresh
Project Type : Commercial
Scope : Identity Construction, Identity Projection


Foci, in its essence, is defined as a point of attention, where multiple focal points converge into one. In relation to being a creative studio, we look into different aspects and strategies to build encompassing brand experiences.

Art Direction

To capture the essence of who we are and what we do, we believe the iconic slinky toy best represents us as a collective. With its spectrum of colours and dynamic movement, it signifies our diverse expertise and unlimited creativity.


The slinky is a precompressed helical spring toy, connected by multiple coils. We see its form as a representation of our name, Foci, where different skill sets and perspectives unite to spring brands forward.


As the slinky travels from point to point, stretched long or short, its free form movement signifies our flexibility that pushes us to explore, to find the best solutions for your brand.


Referencing the colourful slinkies made in the 1970s, we believe it is an ode to unlimited possibilities that urges diversity in our creative works

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