Beam Dental

Year : 2020
Discipline : Branding
Project Type : Commercial
Scope : Identity Construction, Identity Projection, New Media Management


More often than not, dental clinics are associated with fear. On a mission to break the stigma, the challenge was to make dental experiences more approachable. In addition, the brand seeks to push for change in the dental scene by building healthy relationships with people of the industry.


We’ve put together an identity that brings forth togetherness and compassion, the cornerstones of long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. A warm and humanised identity and narrative was proposed to encourage inclusivity, reduce fear, and enlightenment. 

We crafted a brand identity and a dental experience that speaks dentistry language in a quirky and more welcoming tone. Drawing friendly inspiration from our daily lives and nostalgic days.

Art Direction 

Crafting an identity that aims to break a stigma requires us to step away from conventional perspectives. Contrary to popular usage of blue colour in clinical branding, we opted for a bolder and zealous colour palette in the form of Marmalade Orange for the brand. Furthermore, we introduced a sense of quirkiness and fun in the dentistry language, in hopes to welcome and educate all audiences without intimidation. 

Drawing inspiration from the universal smiling pattern, we improvised on the gesture and designed a smiley curve to reflect the brand’s quirkiness in an unobtrusive manner.

Expanding the smiling pattern, wave motifs were made as graphic elements to ensure the brand’s consistency. In addition, the continuity of the wave patterns signifies a sense of togetherness and enthusiasm.

“Healthy Living, Always Beaming”
A fleeting and quirky brand tagline we crafted for Beam Dental. Utilised in various brand applications, cues are taken from Beam’s objective to help masses work towards a happy and healthy smile


Customer experience matters. Reimagining the waiting experience, Beam welcomes their patients into the clinic space awash in sunlight coupled by a complimentary warm tea. Lifestyle magazines aside, the patients can also choose to browse through Netflix to ease off tensions while waiting.

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